Mass. St. modernization Oct. 16


Tim Hossler

It is unusual for Lawrence Modern to stray too far off the midcentury reservation. But a recent visit to Sarah’s Fabrics downtown gave us reason to break loose. Yes, Sarah’s Fabrics, the old Mass. St. quilt shop with the creaky floors. Owner Sarah Fayman, architect Scott Trettle and clark/huesemann architects have transformed the building’s long-neglected upper floors into a case study of modern mixed use. Balancing massive amounts of natural light and enough slick surfaces to send the editors of Dwell magazine into a frenzy, the 10,000-sq. ft. rehab reflects the current trend in architectural design toward sustainability and adaptability. The renovated spaces include a large main hall for multipurpose events, a full commercial kitchen, office space, and a residential loft. Original brick, stone, beams and reclaimed wood help preserve the building’s authenticity and connection to the past. Renovating old buildings with modern interiors is nothing new, but this kind of transformative repurposing is a welcome trend in downtown Lawrence, and one that caught us by surprise.

Please join us for a special afternoon on Oct. 16. Scott Trettel, Sarah Fayman and our own Dennis Domer will speak about this remarkable creation. Please enter at 927½ Massachusetts Street.

-Tom, Bill Dennis & Tim

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