By the numbers: DeCoster House

1. Integrity of original design: 8.66
-extent to which house, including any additions, retains original intent and spirit of the architect.

2. Spatial relationship of elements: 9.0
-extent to which windows, doors, eaves, siding, landscaping, chimney, garage, etc. combine to form a unified, organic, and/or dynamic form.

3. Quality of site: 9.5
-aesthetic relationship of house, garage, and other property features to the site and native scenery.

4. Quality of materials: 8.66
-extent to which structural materials–wood and glass, brick and stone—have color and texture, richness and variety, and are combined in an aesthetically pleasing way.

5. Condition: 9.16
-extent to which house and surrounding property is well-cared for.

6. Floor plan/livability: 8.5
-how effectively does the floor plan flow/feel? Does it work for efficient and functional living, producing pleasure?

7. Quality of natural light: 8.83
-how well are the interior spaces defined by natural light? Is the effect of the light psychologically uplifting?

8. Memorability: 9.5
-how memorable is the house? Unusual/unique design, features, looks, angles, views, etc.

9. Artistic Value: 8.66
-Is the house a work of art, or deserving of strong artistic merit? Are there noticeable design influences and/or artistic touches that elevate it above conventional designs? Was it designed by an influential architect?

10. “How Does the House Feel” test: 8.83
-degree to which the house excites the senses, calms the psyche, and/or creates a strong desire to want to reside in.

Overall Rating: 8.83

(General overall score. Not a cumulative score.)

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