By the numbers: Graber House

West Hills. Architect: Robert W. Morley & Associates, 1954

1. Integrity of original design: 9.0
-extent to which house, including any additions, retains original intent and spirit of the architect.

2. Spatial relationship of elements: 9.5
-extent to which windows, doors, eaves, siding, landscaping, chimney, garage, etc. combine to form a unified, organic, and/or dynamic form.

3. Quality of site: 8.16
-aesthetic relationship of house, garage, and other property features to the site and native scenery.

4. Quality of materials: 9.66
-extent to which structural materials–wood and glass, brick and stone—have color and texture, richness and variety, and are combined in an aesthetically pleasing way.

5. Condition: 9.33
-extent to which house and surrounding property is well-cared for.

6. Floor plan/livability: 8.66
-how effectively does the floor plan flow/feel? Does it work for efficient and functional living, producing pleasure?

7. Quality of natural light: 9.0
-how well are the interior spaces defined by natural light? Is the effect of the light psychologically uplifting?

8. Memorability: 8.83
-how memorable is the house? Unusual/unique design, features, looks, angles, views, etc.

9. Artistic Value: 9.0
-Is the house a work of art, or deserving of strong artistic merit? Are there noticeable design influences and/or artistic touches that elevate it above conventional designs? Was it designed by an influential architect?

10. “How Does the House Feel” test: 9.16
-degree to which the house excites the senses, calms the psyche, and/or creates a strong desire to want to reside in.

Overall Rating: 9.0

(General overall score. Not a cumulative score.)


  1. Sheila Morley-Wallis
    Posted February 7, 2013 at 9:26 am | Permalink

    I love this house. My Dad built it. He built the house all five of us kids grew up in. Why not all 10’s!! Haha he was wonderful Dad. Organic gardener, sculpture, furniture builder. Entertainer, and world traveler. All of his kids and most grandkids are artists in some fashion. Michael, eldest, builds houses, and wrote book on panel construction. Has bussiness in Lawrence. Called S.I.P.S., sin Tommy was painter went to art institute in k.c. Kevin potter, Sheila painter etc. Brian lives in Lawrence area and is designer in k.c. Bergamot and Ivy

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