Peters House

Driveway entrance
West facade

Location: Deerfield, 510 Pioneer Rd.
Architect: Richard Peters (architectural plans)
Builder: James Black & Richard Peters
Year built
: 1968
Original Owners: Richard Peters
Current Owner: Carol Peters
Current ranking
: 8 (See details)

Dick Peters, a principal of the Lawrence-based Peters, Williams & Kubota firm for more than 35 years, designed this sprawling, sumptuous dwelling to raise his family. The house is characterized by a strong horizontality, with pronounced eaves and board and batten siding, set in a well-groomed suburban landscape. Domer calls it “pure blood American,” but there are Japanese touches as well, particularly sensed in the relationship between the building and the landscaping. As if to emphasize the point, the house features a small, enclosed Japanese garden, which is visible from the kitchen and accessible from the formal dining area. A luxurious field stone fireplace dominates the living room, which is distanced from the commotion of the combined kitchen/family/dining room and slightly sunk below the main floor. It is a room that invites escape or relaxation, perhaps to read a book pulled from the well-designed built-in bookcase. The curved kitchen space is very contemporary and services a family/dining room that has floor to ceiling glass doors opening to a large covered patio in the back yard. The late 60’s suburbanized feel, color palette and material texture of these spaces is further accented by the outdoor vegetation and tree forms, such as the Japanese maples in the garden and on the lawn that cast delicate shadows on window screens in many rooms. The entire house exudes luxury, taste and sophistication, perhaps no more so than in the design of the three-car garage, which practically disappears amid the exceptional landscaping.

living room
Living room

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  1. Kim Hayes (Peters)
    Posted February 7, 2015 at 10:35 pm | Permalink

    I remember as a young girl seeing my aunt and uncle’s house and thinking how amazing & modern it was. Coming from a 50 plus year old house in Wichita Kansas, the house on Lawrence was truly sleek ! The pictures on the website bring back a lot of memories, especially having my aunt Kathy always cooking and fixing things & the round table in the dining room being full of people and goodies. My Uncle Rich’s deep voice & laugh went throughout the house.

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