Cerf House catches mod fan wave


Tom Harper addresses the Lawrence Modern group at the “Cerf House” residence of Mark & Marsha Buhler, June 25.

“Wouldn’t we all like to live here?” asked KU professor of architecture Steve Grabow to a Woodstock-like sea of people attending the Cerf House gathering June 25th. The response was affirmative, and predictable. Who wouldn’t? The Cerf House is the equivalent of a juicy steak, full of mouth-watering appeal on just about every level of midcentury modern fetishism: exceptional site, uplifting living spaces, superb material quality, dramatic entry, inside-outside integration that isn’t just a cliché, etc. etc. Perhaps most appealingly, the house possesses that enigmatic 50s coolness—how else to describe it? Julius Schulman did a masterful job of capturing it in his photographs. But to truly feel and appreciate it one must experience it, which is the raison d’être of Lawrence ModernThanks to all who made this event such a success and many thanks to our gracious hosts, Mark and Marsha Buhler, who have done a beautiful job of maintaining this classic of midcentury American modern architecture.


Dennis Domer addresses the crowd


Backyard pool


Living room


Tom’s Ford Galaxie in the driveway


Steve Grabow

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