FLW-inspired time capsule delights

The Beal House's park-like backyard

The Beal House’s park-like backyard

Oh yeah. It was the mod gathering to top all mod gatherings. The Beal/Charlton House event on the 18th was fantastic, probably the best attended and most satisfying that Lawrence Modern has ever done. Somewhere up there Frank Lloyd Wright was smiling. George Beal was smiling. Robert Still, the builder, was doing cartwheels. Down here, the Lawrence Modern faithful were in ecstasy. Could the weather have been any better, the backyard any more perfect? Nope. For those of you who missed it — or want to revisit — check out the video.

Dennis, Bill, Tom & Tim

***NEWS FLASH!!!*** On January 12, the Lawrence City Commission voted unanimously to put The Beal House on the Local Historic Register, and two days later, Lawrence Modern learned that the Beal House was added to the National Historic Register! Congratulations to John Charlton and special thanks to the Lawrence community for supporting this worthwhile effort.

Profs Steve Grabow and Dennis Domer on the architectural significance

KU Professor of Architecture Steve Grabow explains the significance of the Beal House, built in 1951 next to the KU campus. Dennis Domer is to his right.

Prof. Dennis Domer on the microphone

Prof. Dennis Domer on the microphone


A lively scene inside, with owner/caretaker John Charlton at center







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