Postmodern style, ancient roots

2145 Owens Lane flyer

has many interesting midcentury modern homes, each with their own story to tell, but 2145 Owens Lane, where we will gather for our next event, is one of the most intriguing.

Originally designed in 1951 by revered Kansas City architect David Runnells for KU chemistry professor Cal Vander Werff, the house was demolished in the early 1970s and reborn in the shape of three equilateral pyramids. Design and construction took more than two years, cost $1.5 million in today’s dollars, and involved the firing of Dana Dowd, one of the most talented design-build modern architects operating in Lawrence.

We are grateful that the current owners, Rich & Sue Givens, are opening their fabulous and unusual home for us to experience and share stories about. Please bring a treat to share with your modern (and postmodern) friends on this Veterans Day.

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